The main target of FaithStates.com is to promote a deeper understanding of how faith develops and grows over time. We believe that this goal is accomplished from two simultaneous directions. First, digging into God’s Word, the Holy Bible, allows us to understand not only the great faith to which we have free access, but also an important understanding that this process of growing faith is not merely a cognitive process, but a spiritual one as well. Second, if we are to truly understand how faith grows, we must understand that it is still, at least partly, a human process which relies then, to an extent, on our developmental location. This understanding provides the basis for the Faith States theory and the information and discussion at FaithStates.com.

FaithStates.com is written by Dr. Bill DuVall. Bill is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Southwest Baptist University (Go Bearcats!) in Bolivar, MO. When he isn’t working on the website or teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife of almost 20 years, Julie, and their 3 children, Elijah, Aidan, & Abigail. If he’s lucky, he’s playing outside with them right now.

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